An online conference about Overcoming Barriers, Finding Your Community, Sharing Knowledge and keeping each other company when Big Exciting Things happen elsewhere.

UPDATE 26 Mar 18: #nonoFoMo week is complete, but if you missed out, fear not! All our articles, comics and illustrations plus links to the Twitter AMAs are available through the blog, and all videos including recordings of the live hangouts are part of our #nonoFoMo Youtube playlist.

At #nonoFoMo we’re saying No! to our Fear of Missing Out and curating a week long dialogue of livestreams, panels, Twitch gaming, pre-recorded talks, Twitter threads, articles and more. With our unique and diverse range on content and contributors we hope to show that everyone has value and something to share, even when we feel we’re missing out on Bigger Things.

WiDGET welcomes everyone to join and participate in this conference, while in line with our core values we endeavour to lift up minority and marginalised voices in the community. With this event we aim to give a platform to and celebrate those who face barriers to participating in our games and tech industries. 

#nonoFoMo illustration by  @Marigold Bartlett

#nonoFoMo illustration by @Marigold Bartlett