Why #nonoFoMo ?

#nonoFoMo illustration by  @Marigold Bartlett

#nonoFoMo illustration by @Marigold Bartlett

At this time of year, there are a lot of people in the games industry who feel left out. It's coming up on one of, if not the, biggest game developer conference in the world and even though only a small minority of us actually attend, it usually feels like everyone is there and you are the only person who is not. It feels like you are missing out.

Often it's affordability or business priorities that prevents people from going to big conferences, but there are other barriers can also be more personal. If you're in a support role, a woman, a non-binary person, gender non-conforming, an introvert, an indie dev, from a country where it’s difficult to apply for visas, or one of many other reasons... travelling to events the size of GDC can be intimidating, scary or just flat-out impractical.

The hype is huge, social media feeds are full of event talk and tips and fun-times and since attendees are usually our loudest and most active community voices our Fear of Missing Out kicks into overdrive.

But there are more of us who don't attend than do. For whatever reason we stay home during GDC, PAX or any other Big Thing, our FoMo and imposter syndrome shouldn’t prevent us from acknowledging and sharing our personal value to our industry. We can still find and create communities for friendship and support, overcome the barriers that make participating difficult and make ways to share our own specialised knowledge and experiences. We don’t always need a big, expensive commotion to talk about our craft and band together for a good time!

At WiDGET presents #nonoFoMo, together we shout NO to that demon on our shoulder telling us we’re missing out! We find our communities and remind ourselves that we’re valuable and have plenty to offer. WiDGET invites everyone to sit down on our couch and have a chat, to share your joy and passion in what you do with others who feel the same way.