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Monday 19 Mar

Midday / YouTube / Leena van Deventer

Welcome to #nonoFoMo

6pm / Comic / Leonie Yue

Special #SuperListenMode Pt 1: Personal Barriers 

8pm / Article / Camille Woodthorpe

Fostering Healthy Discussion in a Conflict-Ridden Society / A discussion of the ways that we best communicate in a way that avoids conflict, and is also more influential to people who disagree on the topic.

10pm / YouTube + Article / Michelle Chen

Harnessing the Power of Empathy Games for Mental Health Awareness / Finding and creating a supportive mental health community while developing games

Tuesday 20 Mar

6pm / Hangouts + Article / Jane Cocks

#100rejections: How to Open Yourself Up to Learn from Failure, and Turn it into Success / The psychology of 'succeeding vs failing' and turning black and white thinking into growing and learning experiences

8pm / Twitter AMA / Alayna Cole

Ask Me Anything / I am the founder of Queerly Represent Me and a consultant in diverse (especially queer) representation; ask me anything!

10pm / Hangouts / Maize Wallin, Charlie Francis Cassidy, Damon Reece

Damon, Charlie and Maize began one of the first NB-exclusive online communities for advocacy and support. In this session, they will chat about why it was necessary, and what it has achieved.


Wednesday 21 Mar

Midday / Hangouts / Pritika Sachdev, Checkpoint

Keep Calm, You're Online / Covers the difficulties of managing an online presence in an industry that continuously demands it. Tips and resources for staying ‘switched on’ 24/7.

3pm / Comic / Leonie Yue

Special #SuperListenMode Pt 2: Letting Go

6pm Article / 8pm  Twitter AMA / Maize Wallin

Ask Me Anything / AMA on Game Audio accompanied by an article resource on how to approach composers, sound designers, and what skills you can expect from them

10pm / YouTube Live / Isabelle Pattison

Volunteers: A Real World Support Class / A talk about being an events volunteer, and how to get the best out of your volunteer team for organisers.


Thursday 22 Mar

Midday / Hangouts / Anna Tarkov

Hot Take: Mobile Gamers Are Real Gamers / There’s a huge variety of mobile games in all genres, not "just" for casuals. Here're some cool games and communities for your mobile addiction.

3pm / Twitter AMA / Jess Zammit

A discussion of queer representation in games, where it's gone wrong and when it's been done right.

6pm / Illustrations / Ngoc Vu

A series of drawn illustrations touching on my experiences and feelings choosing to become a full-time gamedev.

8pm / Twitch / Anais Riley

Liveplay: A Game that Makes Me Feel Included

10pm / YouTube / Brian Fairbanks

Under the Radar: Accessibility Through Game Design / Tips and tricks to make your games accessible through game design. 

Friday 23 Mar

Midday / Comic / Leonie Yue

Special #SuperListenMode Pt 3 / Staying True to Yourself 

3pm / Hangouts / Kath Nix-Carnell

How I got into Games / Alternate pathways into the industry

6pm / Article / Zahra Pending

I am an indie game dev and I am here to talk about making game-making easier / Tips about resources that make creating games easier, plus general advice about development soft skills and looking after yourself.

8pm / YouTube / Michelle Chen & Others

Perspectives / Devs from the Philippines talk about challenges they face in a "third world" country and how they overcome them, including why they couldn't make it to GDC.

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