WiDGET would like to especially invite minority and marginalised peoples to submit ideas and content for this event. We welcome anyone who faces barriers to participating in games and tech industries and who wishes to share knowledge and celebrate community.

Our ideal content is that which focuses on our themes of Overcoming Barriers, Finding Your Community and Sharing Knowledge. This is really quite broad because actually we would just love to see anything you want to share.  Topics could cover:

  • talks you have previously submitted that didn't make the final cut

  • articles, comics or illustrations related to the games or tech industries

  • I am a [x], ask me anything (e.g. 'producer', or 'person with a physical disability in STEM')

  • I am a [x] here are my top 5 tips on [x]

  • I choose not to attend overseas conferences because... (we would be very excited to have a live panel on this!)

  • chats about your favourite games that celebrate diversity, inclusion or community

  • advice on finding your own voice and communities

  • anything else you can think of!

Formats can be just as diverse, we want pre-recorded videos, live talks, panels, Twitch streams, Twitter conversations, articles, comics, illustrations and more.

If you want to contribute something but can't think of what, feel free to message us, or ask for tips in WiDGET.


Official submissions have now closed. However, if you have a last minute idea you can still contact us to discuss.