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To all the excellent people who have helped make this event happen, we love you!




Alayna Cole

Alayna is the founding director of Queerly Represent Me, a resource hub and research organisation championing queer representation in games. Alayna works as a sessional lecturer in the Serious Games department at the University of the Sunshine Coast, and is an award-winning games journalist and game developer. She was featured on the 2016 and 2017 MCV Pacific 30 under 30, and the 2017 MCV Pacific Women in Games lists.

TwitterWebsite |  QRM Patreon



Amani Naseem

Amani is an artist and game maker from the Maldives. She works in with people from different creative professions to make experimental games. Her work has been exhibited and played at game events and festivals, art museums and galleries. She is involved in the collectives PlayReactive and Copenhagen Game Collective, working internationally between Copenhagen and Melbourne. She is currently working on her PhD and thinking about what it means to make play in occupied and high risk environments.



Anna Tarkov

Anna is a mobile gamer extraordinaire who co-hosted and produced a podcast called Unconsoleable for over two years. Mainly about mobile games, the show was more broadly about the perspective of two women who discovered gaming later in life. This is a viewpoint often not considered by the industry to its great detriment. While searching for her next project, Anna remains a passionate defender and cheerleader of mobile games and the developers who work in them.

In a former life, Anna was a journalist and remains passionate about news and politics today. She lives in the Chicago area with her husband and adorable, autistic 6 year old boy.




Brian Fairbanks

Brian is a sound designer and composer turned game developer. He's currently making a game that is created so that vision impaired and sighted people can both play and enjoy the game at the same skill level. 



Camille Woodthorpe

Camille is a VR/AR Developer, avid futurist, geek, STEM mentor and martial arts student.

She is currently collecting her thoughts here.



Charlie Francis Cassidy

@charlietheGfish is a programmer for Mighty Games in Melbourne. In their spare time they work on games with mental health/queer/trans themes, yell about how good cats are and get ever closer to becoming the colour red. Pronouns are They/Them.




CheckPoint is a charity that connects mental health resources with video games, by improving the wellbeing of those who play games and advocating for the use of games for good. Their missions are to raise awareness of mental health issues, help those in need, and to reduce stigma.

You can contact us on our WebsiteFacebook and Twitter.




Isabelle Pattison

Issy is a hyperactive producer, 3D asset artist and prop maker with a love for events volunteering.

Twitter: @snow_gumnut  




Jane Cocks

Jane Cocks is a PhD Candidate at the University of the Sunshine Coast, where her research strengthens the bridge between the Psychology of Behaviour Change, and Game Design. She has completed Bachelor degrees in Behavioural Science and Health Science, Psychology Honours. Jane speaks, consults and writes extensively about serious games, the psychology of games, and the relationship between games and mental health, nationally and internationally. 



Leonie Yue

Leonie is a Quiet Introvert, Character Designer, Illustrator & Artist at @Mighty_Games. She makes BurpDoodles, SuperListenMode comics & is always learning.

Find Leonie: blog | @leonieyue | @leonieyueart | email

ContRibutor / Volunteer


Maize Wallin

@MaizeWallin is a Melbourne based composer, sound designer, and audio programmer. Their focus is in 3D spatialised audio, and dynamic music, using cutting edge techniques. Maize's hobbies include livetweeting and ranting for effective audio teams in games.



Marigold Bartlett

Always Tired Artist from and based in Melbourne, loves graphic novels and games and you.

Buy Goldie a coffee.

Contributor / Volunteer


Michelle Chen

Michelle is programmer with more than 8 years experience in game development. She makes games and other things under the name purplelilgirl.  She is also a BAFTA Crew Games Member, STEM Ambassador and Women in Games Ambassador, who regularly volunteers at game industry events.



Ngoc Vu

@NgocmVu is a Melbournian illustrator and game developer whose main interests lie in creating characters that rouse, inspire, and sympathise with her audience. Since graduating from RMIT in 2013 with a Bachelor of Design in Games; she has been named as one of the recipients for Film Vic’s Women in Games Fellowship and now serves as co-founder of Route 59 – a new indie games studio currently developing visual novel Necrobarista.



Pritika Sachdev

Pritika is a community manager with a passion for all sorts of narrative. She loves writing and telling stories, and believes that extends to how developers engage with their players. 

Pritika’s worked in all sorts of areas of games, from artist to producer, and is currently the community manager for CheckPoint, co-producer for Contours and social media coordinator for Freeplay. 



Zahra Pending

Zahra was born in 1994 in Scotland, grew up Papua New Guinea, but calls Australia home. They are a game developer with a (perfectly rational) fear of gnomes, and have a cat named Maowee.

Zahra is primarily a 2D artist, but also maintains their studio's social media accounts, assists with group coordination, and does other 101 tasks. "I love what I do, and I love encouraging others with their paths. Being mixed, queer, and mentally ill I think it's even more important to try and uplift each other." They/their pronouns.